Big Step in Cloud First Approach

One of the difficult and most important step when you move to cloud and start doing well as a team by doing Cloud-First implementation strategy is migrating the legacy data / database to cloud. In our team we did hit such a milestone after our initial success in Cloud (AWS). The difficulty in coming up with a optimal solution for doing the data-migration depends on the maturity level of the team in Cloud solutions and adequate data-engineering experience. We were moderate players in both the above, so had to take suggestions from other teams and experts who had done similar…

What is NestJS?

NestJS is a Node.js framework for developing server-side application. I for one developed a liking towards NestJS as it is simple, self-contained and a popular library for developing synchronous REST apis and Microservices.

Why NestJS on AWS Lambda? (Controversy Alert!)

The cloud community is very divided in terms of using a framework like express, fastify or springboot as opposed to using functions. By now you know I’m on the framework side. I believe as long as you could keep the size of the lambda, latency and use other best practices in terms of connecting to AWS services like dynamodb, etc. Two major reasons for going the framework:

Muthu Venkatachalam

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